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The patented Banshee is the industry standard for exchanger cleaning. High pressure water acts as a liquid bearing, eliminating ball bearings, seals or lubricant used in conventional rotary tools. Each tool is easily configured to suit any tube cleaning application by choosing from a variety of replaceable heads and inlet options.

Ideal for unplugging, cleaning and polishing tubes, such as those found in heat exchangers and industrial tube bundles

Stainless steel construction for extreme durability and longevity

Effectively remove thin, hard scale, carbons, coke, and polymers

Multiple inlet options and replaceable heads available



The small diameter and short length of the Beetle models make them ideal for cleaning process piping, drain lines, u-tube bundles and other small ID conduit with bends that may have been inaccessible in the past.

Navigates tight curves in small diameter pipes

Low cost, low maintenance design

Easy to pair with automated flex lance machines



Turbo Nozzles provide the most thorough cleaning of tube walls with maximum impact without streaking.  These nozzles also integrate backward-facing orifices that propel them through hard deposits on the I.D. of pipes and tubes.  At the same time, part of the nozzle rotates and polishes the pipes’ I.D.

We offer custom flow rates for your special applications.  Turbo nozzles or blanks are used to cap the end of the nozzles (sold separately).  Parts that are worn can be replaced in the field within five minutes with a simple rebuild kit to minimize downtime.

Rear orifices provide thrust and flushing

Polishes with minimal streaking

Custom drilling for specific applications

Offers greater cleaning intensity

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