This system has enhanced the power from its Aqua-Dyne affiliate, a proven design already, by upgrading the power frame and cross heads to a much stronger material, ductile iron. Also, now our bare shaft pumps feature a crankshaft machined from billet and are drilled for forced lubrication.

We will offer two models, the S300-15 and the S300-20, capable of handling pressures to 15,000 and 20,000 psi respectively. Both bare shaft pumps feature hinged manifolds for easy access to the quick change valve cartridges, plungers and stuffing boxes.

Rated to 300 HP

Flow rates: 48 GPM @ 9,000 psi / 26 GPM @ 15,000 psi / 20 GPM @ 20,000 psi

Crankshaft machined from billet, with induction hardened journals

Forced lubrication for crankshaft

High strength ductile iron power frame

Hinged cover to pump well

Quick change convertible manifolds from 15,000 to 20,000 psi

Hinged trunnion assembly for swing down manifold

Quick change cartridge assembly for suction and discharge valves


The key to this pumps long lasting capabilities and hundreds of hours of trouble-free operation are that it offers low load packing, special filtration, a closed loop non-drip cooling and water lubrication system for alumina ceramic or tungsten carbide plungers.

The individual lightweight suction and discharge manifolds are easily removed for routine maintenance, and field changing the packing or plungers takes five minutes with no special tools required.


Rated to 50 HP

Number of Cylinders: 3

Plunger Strokes: 1.97"

Plunger Load: 3,800 lbs

Oil Capacity: 1 Gallon

Pump Weight: 130 lbs

Unique "Valve-In-Line" Fluid Ends design provides higher volumetric efficiency for increased productivity & lower operating costs.

  • Stainless Steel

  • Valve & Seats: High strength stainless steel in-line valve system. All valves may be reconditioned by surface grinding.

  • Plungers: Non-scoring ceramic.

  • Packing: V-Rings of advanced polymer material are self-adjusting, giving long service when used when used with non-scoring ceramic plungers.

  • Lubrication: Plungers and packing are lubricated by fluid from manifold.

  • Manifold: Light-weight modular manifold is easily removable for simple maintenance.

  • Power Frame: High strength aluminum casting with sturdily ribbed wall sections.

  • Crankshaft: High strength ductile iron, may extend from either side.

  • Crankshaft Bearings: Heavy duty taper roller bearings. Crossheads - Cylindrical type-high strength alloy castings. Crosshead wristpins are hardened & ground steel. Extension rods are highly polished stainless steel.

  • Lubrication: Power end parts are splash lubricated. Connecting Rods - High strength, solid section, ductile iron.

  • Oil Wiper Seals: Sealed lubricating polymer.
  • Complete Aqua Safe Suit P/N AQSS1

    Aqua Safe Bibs/Overalls P/N AQSB1

    Foot Covers P/N AQSF1-PR
    One Size -Pair



    The Flex Lance Safety Grip is designed to minimize the risk on injury to flex lance operators caused by a live nozzle exiting the tube unexpectedly.  The comfortably contoured handle makes it easy to hold the safety grip against the tube sheet, allowing retraction of an active nozzle in to a stainless steel sleeve,where the force of the jets is dissipated.

    The Flex Lance Safety Grip is simple to install and is quickly adapted to handle various lance sizes by selecting the appropriately sized lance stop.

    Simply unscrew the diffuser from the safety grip handle, which will allow the lance stop to be removed. Insert the new lance in to the back of the safety grip handle. Select the correct size lance stop for the lance to be used and place it on to the lance behind the nozzle end fitting. Insert the nozzle through the diffuser and tighten the assembly in to the handle.

    (Note: the larger diameter end of the lance stop must be next to the end fitting.)

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