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The 4” Badger rotary nozzle is engineered with a compact length to optimize it for cleaning pipes with bends. It is capable of navigating a 90 degree elbows in pipes as small as 4” (102 mm) in diameter.

The operator can adjust the speed of controlled rotation by changing the viscous fluid, and the jetting is highly configurable to meet the job conditions of any pipe cleaning application.

Navigates elbows as small as 4 in. (102 mm) at up to 43.5k psi (3000 bar)

15K and 22K models run 5 times longer before needing maintenance than any competitive tool – Start a job and finish it

Different jetting configurations allow for more or less pull and forward hitting power

Configure jetting to meet the job conditions of any pipe cleaning application

Large flow range to deliver more power or pull more hose

Designed to easily pair with the AutoBox ABX-500 hose tractor for hands-free pipe cleaning



Designed for a wide range of pipe diameters, pressures, flows, and configurations, BJV controlled rotary nozzles are the industry standard for cleaning medium to large pipes and vessels.

The customizability of the BJV and its extensive range of accessories make it one of the most versatile nozzles in the industry. The tool can be configured for any pump/pressure/flow by swapping heads and modifying jet patterns and then combining with extensions, pull rings, centralizers or cages to accommodate a huge array of cleaning applications including pipes, stacks, tanks, rail cars, conveyors, tunnels, etc.

Clean 6 in. (152 mm) pipes to 15 ft (4.5 m) diameter tanks with simple modifications

Interchangeable heads allow the tool to be used with any type of pump

Multiple head options to allow for flush mounted nozzles, extension arms, plugs and pulling rings

Simple nozzle changes allow operators to configure for multiple cleaning applications

Easy to pair with AutoBox ABX-500 for hands-free pipe or tank cleaning

Pair with the AutoBox ABX-500 for a hands-free solution to many cleaning jobs



The versatile Raptor combines slower rotation speeds from 15-250 rpm with a flow range up to 60 gpm (230 lpm) to effectively remove difficult deposits in straight pipe and process drains.

Customizable heads and accessories also make the Raptor ideal for cleaning totes, closed head drums, water well screens, ducts and exhaust stacks.

High flow range aids in removing thick, tough deposits

Controlled rotation for longer jet dwell times help remove hard material

Multiple jetting options allows for fine tuning heads to optimize cleaning

Optional pull ring connection aids in jobs where tool needs to be pulled through the pipe

Optional centering devices available to optimize standoff distance



The Gopher delivers speed-controlled rotary cleaning for tubes 2–6 inches (51–152 mm) in diameter.

The Gopher self-rotary tool is ideal for cleaning evaporator tubes and a variety of process lines. It excels at cutting through coke, polymers, coatings and latex. The Gopher is offered in two pressure ranges up to 40,000 psi (2800 bar).

Head rotation provides complete internal coverage while speed control delivers optimum jet dwell time

Two head options available: 7 port unplugging option for forward hitting power and a 6 port polishing head for IRIS inspection polishing

Easily re-jet the Gopher for more pulling force or forward hitting power depending on the needs of the job

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