The patented Vortex-SurfaceJet cleaning nozzles are designed for cleaning curved, flat and irregular surfaces. The swirling vortex of fluid from the jet creates a shearing action to remove coatings and other materials. The concentrated jet pattern gives a larger pattern than a fan nozzle while delivering high impact. The shroud helps reduce blow-back while cleaning.


  • Jet Intensification Technology
  • Predictable Wear
  • No Seals to Replace
  • No Water Bearing
  • Long Tool Life
  • Lightweight Design
  • No Moving Parts


Vortex-SurfaceJet Specifications


Tool Family Tool Model Pressure Range Flow Range Inlet Connection Diameter Length Weight
Vortex-SurfaceJet VSJ-15K 15K psi 1000 bar 8 gpm 30 l/min 1/2 NPT 1.79 in. 45 mm 2.39 in. 61 mm 7.5 oz

Vortex-SurfaceJet Spotlight

Vortex-DigJet Spray Pattern

Vortex-SurfaceJet Spray Pattern


The patented Vortex-Jet Pulse cleaning nozzles are designed for cleaning scale buildup and plugged tubes.


The patented Vortex-DigJet nozzles are designed for location of buried utilities.